1.) We do not sell ducklings or goslings under 4 weeks of age.
We prefer them to be off heat before allowing them to leave our care.
2.) We only sell birds that have been produced by us from our own breeding stock. We never sell birds acquired from a third party, unless we are selling our own breeding stock itself.
3.) Upon placing an order for the purchase of birds, we will send you a formal quotation together with a deposit request for bird(s) ordered. This deposit is non refundable except in the event that we are unable to supply what has been ordered.
4.) The balance of outstanding payment for birds ordered must be paid for by a direct BACS transaction at least 24 hours prior to collection, or at point of collection via cash payment.
5.) In the interests of fairness, when the client has been informed that their reserved bird(s) are ready to leave us, they must collect within 14 days of notification. Any subsequent delay will incur additional boarding fees of £5 per bird, per week to cover expenses.
6.) We ask all clients to sign a declaration upon collection of birds purchased that they have read and understood both our ‘Terms and Conditions of sale’, and ‘After Sales Policy’
7.) We apologise, but we do not accept Credit Card or Cheque payments.


It is important to us that our clients are happy with the birds that we supply. As such we have clear definitions on what guarantees we provide  with regard to our ‘After Sales Policy’.
1.) We fully believe all birds that we supply to our clients to be healthy, and we would never knowingly sell a bird that is impaired in any way unless the client is first informed of the imperfection and is happy to purchase.
2.) We are happy to offer a good will 14 day ‘ guarantee’ period on any bird we supply. This period will begin immediately the stock purchased is fully paid for, and leaves our property with its new owner(s).
3.) In the event that a client suffers the sudden and unexpected death of a bird during this guarantee period, we will, upon receipt of photographic evidence of its expiration, provide an immediate refund* to the original purchasing client. This refund is strictly limited to the sum paid to us for the particular bird that was affected only.
4.) *It is important to note that avoidable or accidental death, such as in the case of a fox, domestic pet attack or any unfortunate human error is NOT covered by our guarantee.
5.) *Any other consequential loss incurred as a result of the sudden loss of a bird we have supplied is NOT covered by our 14 day guarantee (see note 7 below).
6.) In the interests of fairness, our ‘good will guarantee’ will only extend to the original purchasing client (whom is noted on the original invoicing) and does not cover any third party owner/keeper that the purchased stock may be passed, or sold on to within the 14 day period.
7.) Whilst we believe all our sales stock to be disease free, we expect our clients to exercise caution and take measures to isolate all new birds from other birds, or flock that they may already own for the duration of the 14 day guarantee period. We cannot be held responsible for any consequential losses suffered, other than that of the bird which we have supplied to the client.
8.) We are here to help any of our clients with information or advice, and are happy to offer support wherever possible. We can be contacted through our website via telephone or email if they should need us.

9.) * The refund guarantee in the event of death of a bird does not extend to consequential losses, and is offered on the basis that the stock we have supplied is isolated from any other stock the client may own, for the duration of the guarantee period.

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