Over the centuries eggs have been in and out of fashion, revered and vilified as a food for inclusion into one’s diet. Truthfully most of us can eat eggs as part of a balanced and healthy diet without any adverse effects.
However, most people are unaware, that eating duck eggs as opposed to chicken eggs is  a much healthier choice. In fact even people who suffer allergic reactions to chicken eggs, are usually able to eat duck eggs without any issues.

Here are 12 useful facts about the benefits of the glorious duck egg.

  1. Duck eggs have a richer, creamier flavour and have twice the nutritional value. Their egg whites contain more protein, and the yolk is considerably larger in proportion to the egg white than that of a chicken.
  2. They have much thicker shells, thus keeping fresher for longer. An unrefrigerated egg will happily keep for two weeks, and up to six weeks in cold storage.
  3. A duck eggs have more albumen and they are considerably higher in protein. This makes them the unequivocal egg of choice when baking cakes and pastries in particular.  This makes them rise higher and produces a more fluffy and light textured result. Anyone who genuinely knows about baking will tell you this.
  4. They have a high alkaline content and are noted as an anti-cancer food. Cancer cells cannot multiply in an alkaline environment, and as part of a balanced diet they can be beneficial.
  5. Duck eggs have significantly increased amounts of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
  6. Omega 3 fatty acids are a particular feature, these are believed to help reduce inflammation, support brain function and generally contribute to a healthy heart, strong bones and sharp vision.
  7. For people who do regular exercise, or frequently spend time at the gym (such as Bodybuilders or Athletes), duck eggs pack a serious nutritional punch and are superior in every way.
  8. More bang for your buck!…
    Free range duck eggs are bigger and without doubt offer better value for money.
  9. People who suffer allergic reactions to chicken eggs, can usually consume duck eggs in their place with no problems. This is good news for them as they can still indulge in recipies that involve egg in their composition simply by switching to using duck eggs. So… maybe those omelettes are not off the menu after all?
  10. If you are considering duck ownership it is worth noting that ducks are very efficient egg layers. They require less feed to produce an egg compared to a chicken. Ducks often lay ‘out of season’ whereas chickens tend to slow down in winter
  11. They are easier to keep than chickens, generally hardier and healthier, rarely being affected by mites and parasites.
  12. Gardeners love duck manure as it needs less aging before applying to the garden as a soil improver/fertilizer.
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