8TH JUNE 2020
Our latest hatch of both Cayuga and Large Silver Appleyard are happily doing very well. Breeding pairs and trios will be available for private purchase. They will be ready to leave us around the end of July / beginning of August.
Any interested parties will be added to our contact list on a first come, first served basis.
Please contact us either through our ‘CONTACT US’ page or via telephone in the first instance.

22ND APRIL 2020
Our last Sebastopol Goose hatched today…he was a lone traveller in the incubator, so he is going to need lots of attention to prevent him getting lonely.
10TH APRIL 2020
A new chapter for Croft Waterfowl begins…our first hatch of Sebastopol Geese completed today.  A successful 100% hatch rate. We now have 4 lovely babies to add to our family, and we are very excited to see how they develop.

And our first newsflash of the year…

A lovely family that purchased two of our beautiful 2019 Cayuga babies have been in touch with us to let us know that one of their girls has laid her very first egg!!
It is very pleasing to see a Cayuga egg in all its glory..a proper black egg as Cayuga eggs are meant to be.
A super egg from fabulous birds…We wish the Lewis family many more yummy breakfasts!!

17TH AUGUST 2019
Another weekend and another show. All of our elite birds are in full moult, therefore we could not take them to exhibit. Instead, we had booked in four of our April 2019 hatch youngsters to give them a first taste of the show pens. We took two Silver Appleyard drakes, a Cayuga drake and a lone Cayuga female. For first timers they were remarkably calm and bold too, very interested in their surroundings, not at all shy or stressed, so that was our first nice surprise.

Our second nice much bigger surprise was to come!!!…..Judging came and went and our amalgamated classes handed us 1st, 2nd and 3rd place..a rather nice clean sweep. But the icing on the cake was entirely unexpected when we returned to the poultry tent to discover that our first placed Appleyard drake achieved the section win, and then went onto champions row as Best Waterfowl in Show….

A few days after hatching our lovely little ‘Rouens’ back in June (see previous news item), we photographed them and took a short video of their first swim. Now we are 5 weeks down the line, they are out of the brood box and off heat. They have a large grass pen of their own with a fabulous & spacious coop that Mr J designed and constructed for them. Feathers are developing nicely although they are obviously still very ‘downy’. As far as we can tell we have one duck and two drakes, but they are still only just rising 6 weeks, so we shall see.

6TH JULY 2019
Another long day out, this time at The Hanbury Countryside Show. We took the boys, Arno & Teague and the girls Aya & Lily on another jaunt to the show tent. There was lots to see, and much coffee to be drunk while we waited for judging to conclude. Once again we were delighted to win both of our classes with Arno and Lily taking their respective class wins. They were all on top form, although Arno and Aya were a little feisty on transfer from travel carrier to show pen!!!! I didn’t see the judge handle them, but he still had all of his limbs after judging, so I am guessing they settled down a little !

18TH JUNE 2019
So delighted and proud to introduce our latest hatch…beautiful rare breed arrivals.

After much deliberation we have expanded our breeds to include the standard Rouen (or often referred to as the exhibition Rouen).
The Rouen originates from France, it is one of the oldest and heaviest breeds of duck, and if all progresses well we hope to be in a position to offer hatching eggs and ducklings in 2020.

8TH JUNE 2019
We have lots of beautiful new babies everyone, our latest ducklings caught us out and started hatching a little earlier than expected!!!
Another 11 little Appleyards and 7 Cayugas added to the fold…these little beauties will be ready to go from the beginning of July. they are zooming around what seems like acres of brood box having a wonderful time playing with shavings, trying to climb in their water drinker and flinging their feed all over the place, they are soooo amusing at this age, nature is just wonderful.

29TH MAY 2019…
…second show brought us another top day out.
Lily and Teague were really well behaved, and had clearly started to get the hang of the whole being out and about thing and picked up a second and third place respectively.
Our lovely new acquisitions ‘Arno’ and ‘Aya’ were the stars of this trip. They are old hat at this routine, and a bit more mature than our youngsters. Both took first place in their classes and Arno achieved Reserve Best Waterfowl, only just being piped to the post by a little call duck.

25TH MAY 2019 … 
… and we attended our first County Show, taking one of our elite pairs to exhibit. Considering this was a totally new environment which was VERY busy, noisy and super scary for them they coped quite well really.
It took quite a while for them to settle. But they eventually did, and by the end of the day were quite relaxed. Overall we were very pleased with them on what was a very testing day for the two young birds. Rather surprisingly for us, our drake ‘Teague’ was beaten by his female partner ‘Lily’…. WELL DONE LILY !!!


MID MAY 2019 … We are incredibly pleased with our Large Silver Appleyard and Cayuga babies, they are now three and a half weeks of age, the weather is both warm and dry which has presented the perfect opportunity to allow them to explore the outside world, and fresh vegetables have now also been added. they are growing and happy, who could ask for more?

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