Croft Waterfowl is extraordinarily lucky to be situated amongst the beautiful rolling hills of the Worcestershire countryside.

Thank you for taking the time to look at Croft Waterfowl.
You will not be surprised to discover that we have Waterfowl. To be precise we have Large Silver Appleyard, Cayuga, and Standard Rouen ducks, all of which are now flagged on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust Watch List.
They are very rare breeds that are exceptionally difficult to come by, even more so if you are looking to find good quality and exhibition standard birds. (There is no point breeding from sub standard birds, as this does the breed no favours.) It has taken us a good few years to find the quality we need to do our bit for preservation.

But if you are wondering how it all began then let’s wind the clock back a bit…..

A long time ago in a garden far far away…..It all started with a hankering for more ducks…I had some previously that had annoyingly been snaffled by sneaky Mr Fox (who I did eventually get my revenge on!).
This left me rather reluctant to get more, so a few years passed by before I felt ready to have another go. My rather large duck shed was by this time looking tired, unused and a little run down (somewhat like myself!)…easier to fix a shed though…so I did, (or rather my poor henpecked husband did…you know what it’s like…happy wife, quiet life!)
Anyhow, I researched duck breeds to figure out what I fancied. I wanted big pretty ducks that would be good layers..nothing quite like a scrummy duck egg for breakfast. This in turn brought me to my final choices. The Appleyards and Cayugas were an absolute nightmare to find (The Rouens we’re also a challenge, but they came much later!). Well that is just so typical of me, couldn’t have chosen something run of the mill could I? Oh no….that would have been too easy!
I won’t bore you with the long and arduous process, the number of phone calls, the eventual miles travelled or the mega light pockets I was left with, suffice to say, here I now am with fabulous stock, and a flavour for many more.

I would love to claim that I have achieved all this myself, but I do have a mini ‘pit crew’ to help in my endeavours. My lovely husband is both unfailingly helpful, resourceful and mostly put upon if I am totally honest (but please refrain from informing him of this.)
My teenage daughter meanwhile, offers her I.T. skills and photographic prowess, as these are ‘clean’ jobs that do not require the surgical removal of her ‘beats’ headphones or for her to come into contact with eggs (of which she has a phobia…and yes she really does!..you couldn’t write it could you!).

Anyway, as a family we hope that you enjoy our site, we will endeavour to keep it updated and topical. If you wish to contact us about something we would be happy to hear from you.

Samantha Jennings
on behalf of Croft Waterfowl.

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